How to Behave in a Cave

Cathy Duplantis shares that, while Christ was on earth, He warned us about tribulations - you know, those problems in life that are designed by the devil to make you give up and hide in a cave.
Have you been there?
It's possible that fear, failure, disappointment, or disobedience has backed you into a "cave" in your own life.  You could have battle fatigue. You may have gotten weary in well doing and fainted along the way.  But, when you learn how to behave in a cave, you won't be in that low place for very long.
Cathy Duplantis shares the story of three men in a cave who could have given up and quit but decided to walk in victory instead. Through their example, you will discover:
  • When you obey God's commands and walk in boldness, the enemy trembles
  • Faith in God sends shock waves of panic through the enemy's camp
  • Even though you may have given up on yourself, God has not given up on you
  • Distressing situations come from the enemy, but God always has a plan for your victory

Discover principles from God that will lead you out of distress and into victory!