Value Pack - 25 Minute Spiritual Meals - Vol. 1, 2 & 3 (3 - 2CD sets)

     Messages In Volume 1 Include:
     • The Unmistakable Voice Of God
     • How To Be Successful From God’s Point Of View
     • Reaching The Heights God Wants Us To Reach
     • The Gracious Gift Of Comfort
     • Your Responsibility In Your Christianity

       Messages In Volume 2 Include:
     • Trusting The Holy Spirit 
     • The Greatest Principle Of Christianity
     • The Formula To Do The Works Of God
     • What Do You Need, What Do You Desire, What Do You Want?
     • Favor Will Get You Something Money Can’t Buy

       Messages In Volume 3 Include:
     • The Resurrection: A Lively Hope
     • Your Power is in Your Saying and Believing
     • How God Gets Us to Give to His Work
     • Living Long and Prospering
     • A Better Life Than You Ever Dreamed