Glorious 2016

God’s Glorious Joy is Yours!
“You love Him even though you have never seen Him.
Though you do not see Him now, you trust Him; and you rejoice
 with a glorious, inexpressible joy.”
1 Peter 1:8 NLT

Glorious Joy! Was the theme of this year’s conference, and boy did it come! Friday Night Dr. Jesse Duplantis loaded the bases with his hilarious message “Joy in 3 Different Aspects” covering:

    • Joy unites and gives you inward power to do his will.
    • Joy always overflows in love and affords us thankfulness.
    • Joy is commanded, it is promised and it’s insured.
    • True Joy dwells in the heart.
    • Acts of Joy are troublesome to Satan and his cohorts.

...And much, much more!
Glorious continued Saturday morning, and Cathy hit the grand slam! Her message "Living Everyday in Glorious Joy!" covered:

    • How God's Glorious Joy is Protective, Overflowing and Liberating.
    • God's Joy is not only in you and for you, but also meant to overflow to those around you.
    • God's Joy is a gift to us, a gift that strengthens us and gives us hope.
    • How to not let your Joy be influenced by circumstances.

...And much, much more!

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