Living By Faith

Thrive in Life Every Day!


Did you know that God placed within you a force so powerful that it will help you to overcome any situation and to thrive in life every single day? He gave you the force of faith—the very same faith He used to create the world and you!

In this captivating, passionate message, Cathy teaches how “believing in” and “acting on” God’s Word daily will bring you to the victorious life Jesus died to give you. Get ready for your faith to increase as Cathy teaches:

  • How faith comes, how to use it, and how to help it grow
  • Living by faith is a continual process
  • You were created by a faith God to live the faith life
  • And much, much more!

 You can know how to release the God-kind of faith and walk in the realm of the miraculous. Learn how to develop a new boldness to speak God’s Word over your own life and release the force of faith in everyday life situations. God created you to thrive in life and live by faith every single day!

Run Time Approximate: 36 minutes