Faith USB Drive

20 - MP3 Audio Files of Jesse & Cathy’s Faith Messages

Enjoy this special USB flash drive filled with 20 of the best audio messages on faith by Jesse & Cathy Duplantis, available for a limited time only.

This USB format easily allows for the perfect listening experience whether you are in the car, at the office, or at home. It doesn’t matter how big or how old you are, you will enjoy:

  1. Did You Pick It Up Today?
  2. What In Hell Do You Want?
  3. Jesse’s Testimony
  4. Status Quo
  5. Life is About Choices
  6. If You’ve Got a Mountain, God’s Got a Word
  7. The Power to Change Your Life
  8. Which Viewpoint is Yours?
  9. The Storm May Blow, but the Faith Walk Continues
  10. Dawn Never Comes Twice to Awaken You
  11. What’s in the Bottom of Your Ship?
  12. Cruise Control
  13. Don’t Kick the Donkey
  14. Satan: You Can’t Defeat Him If You Don’t Understand Him
  15. The Fine Art of Forgetting
  16. Big Mouths Get Big Rewards
  17. Dream Killers
  18. Lord Take My Problems but Leave My Pigs
  19. When People Make Mistakes
  20. Wanted: Dead or Alive

Jesse & Cathy’s messages will help to build your faith and to equip you to face every day in the strength and might of Jesus Christ—you will laugh and learn as the faith of God is revealed in the most enjoyable way. 

This makes a perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your gift list! Get yours before they are gone!