The Way Love Behaves

"God's love command is ground zero for Christianity. If we don't get this right, we don't get anything right."- Rev. Cathy Duplantis
Rev. Cathy Duplantis reveals the way love should behave and how the God-kind of love will always lead us to victory.  In this powerful message, you'll learn how the God-kind of love will always...
  • Keep you focused on what is really important
  • Keep you from being drawn off into the devil's territory and getting hurt
  • Reveal things that need to be corrected
  • Enable you to overcome the world and all of its problems and pitfalls
  • Reveal God's perspective and much more


Get inspired!  Learn how to look into the mirror of God's Word and become a loving person of faith! 


Run Time Approximate: 64 minutes